Things to do when you are struggling in life

This post will help you feel comforted and get direction on what you can do if you are struggling in life right now.

Things to do when you are struggling in life

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Life is not easy

It is something that comes with both good times and challenging times that can make us feel heartbroken, sad, and in pin

Human life is full of experiences, the journey of overcoming and shedding years of trauma, limiting beliefs, finding your true identity, and becoming the best version of who you are

During this process, one goes through various, experiences, that may not be filled with happiness and laughter.

It makes us feel all sorts of negative emotions, grief, sadness, anger, pain, and so on.
Despite all that, there is still light at the end of the tunnel

It may seem untrue as per your suffering, but trust me, when you reach the lowest there is no end, you bounce back

In this post, I will share with you a few This post will help you feel comforted and get direction on what you can do if you are struggling in life right now.

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11 things to do when suffering in life

Things to do when you are struggling in life

1. Express yourself

When you are suffering, do not hide away from facing them, do not stop yourself from feeling what you are feeling

because to be able to feel all kinds of emotions itself is a beautiful thing in this world

Sit and face it!

The sooner you express yourself and face the suffering, the faster you heal

I know it may be the most difficult part you might need to do, but it is the only way to end the suffering and that is when you face it!

2. Understand the difference between feeling and thoughts

When i said above expressing yourself, is about your feelings

However, for a lot of us, it is the mind, the thinking that leads to suffering in our life

We get caught in the vicious cycle of overthinking and it leads us to more suffering than we have already experienced

We may have one problem right now or in fact, the problem has not even arisen yet but the constant thinking around it leads us to be miserable

Our mind is designed to look for threats and danger in every situation, so whenever you want to do something, it will look for all the negative things that could happen

which in reality may never even happen, the problem does not even exist in reality at the moment

But with the thinking we have created our own imaginative problems.

This is why you need to ask yourself, whatever suffering I am feeling, is it happening at the moment? or is it something in mind?

if the answer is mind, then you must stop yourself overthinking, and below I will tell you what to do about it

3. Focus on the present

This is honestly something we all struggle with, don’t we?

Our mind is always glued to the past, and present, and if not that, it is busy comparing your life to others.

We are not living in the present and not living in the moment we have right now.

We are wasting it constantly, thinking about all these things that do not even matter in the moment.

The only possible way out of your suffering is to shut off your mind and focus on the moment you are living in.

I know, easier said than done, right?

I struggle to be present most times too, but I have realized that it has been the only I am able to improve my life, move forward when I stop thinking and just be focused on now

4. Step out of your comfort zone

Your suffering may be due to the fact that you are not ready to overcome your mindset blocks and step out of your comfort zone.

Your life is asking for you to step up and do things that in your head seem scary and impossible.

You need to step out of your comfort zone and start doing, and you will find that your suffering was just in the head

Maybe your comfort zone is being unhappy because you feel too afraid to be out of that zone.

How about you take that one step forward to embrace discomfort, challenge yourself, and see how amazing your life can be?

5. Stop being the victim

We human tend to be more prone to get into victim mindset which can be due to both , the fact that our mind is always looking for threats and second because society has conditioned us like that

We stay in suffering, being victim as to how always everything in life is going against you

How everything is

6. Happiness is a state of mind more than a feeling

Happiness is a feeling, is something I used to think about for most of my life, if I am not feeling it then, I am not happy.

Over the years of experiencing life on my own and learning it from people around the world, therapists, and successful people I look up to

Sharing how happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is a choice more than it is a feeling

When we say we are not happy, it has a lot to do with our mind chattering negatively more than feeling happy all the time,

Problems are always there in life, and even if everything is going great, your mind can find fault even in that!

No matter where you are in life, you can decide to, not that one thing take away your happiness!

7. Do your thing, and leave the rest to god/ universe.

The problem we all are facing today that is making this suffering a constant loop is not taking action on what you want to do or feeling sad while taking action.

Because you are too focused on the outcome, the truth is we truly do not know if things will happen or not.

We have seen enough stories of people’s lives changing in a split second

The journey you are on right now might be full of challenges and obstacles, but we do not know how miraculously things might change in the future.

Do not focus on the outcome, and enjoy the process!

Believe that the universe or god will make things work for you and provide way better than you have imagined!

8. Remember you are not alone

When we are suffering, we tend to think that we are the only ones going through this time, everyone else in life is doing great.

But that is not true, each and every person goes through suffering and pain in their life.

We may not know it from far, but deep down everyone else is going through something.

You are not the only one, it is a part of the process and an amazing process

10. Remember, you are powerful and limitless

We all potential to do anything we want, it is only a matter of limiting beliefs and courage.

If you manage to overcome your limiting beliefs and gain the courage to do what you want

there is nothing in this universe that can stop you from doing so.

You put in the work, and you get results.

Remember that you are powerful and limitless, do not let yourself settle and feel sad because something is not happening.

When you decide you will get what you want then you will!

11. Keep Going (Even When Things Don’t Work Out The First Time) 

I think a lot of us give up on our dreams because there are too many obstacles at the moment, and things are not working out.

Not just dream, we bring suffering into our lives, and get stuck, not going on with life.

Whether you did not get something you wanted, life still goes on

You can try to work on it again, and even if you don’t and pivot to something else, life still goes on!

So don’t give up, and keep going with a positive mindset!

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11 things to do when suffering in life

This post was all about Things to do when you are struggling in life

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