9 Vision Board Mistakes stopping you from manifesting

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Have you been making vision boards for many years and still not seeing their manifestation results? Here are 9 Vision Board Mistakes you might be making!

Vision Board Mistakes

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Making a Vision Board is one of the most fun activities to do, at the start of a new year or anytime you plan your goals and dreams.

I make one vision board every year to manifest, or simply, stay motivated toward my dreams.

As I have been making my vision boards for more than 8 years now, I have learned a lot through experience and many other people whose vision boards became a success!

I found so many mistakes, I was making initially, that led to no results, and I see others make too.

So, in this post, I want to share a few vision board mistakes to avoid, if you want to manifest your dreams.

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Vision Board Mistakes

Vision Board Mistakes to avoid

1. Not believing in the method

The first and foremost mistake you are making is honestly not believing in the concept of a vision board at all.

The Whole idea of manifestation is tied around our beliefs and thoughts, if we believe it and put it out in the universe, it happens!

But when we are filled with so much doubt and negativity that it won’t happen, it does not happen!

You may not be a core believer of manifestation or the concept of a vision board, and it’s okay, but you must believe in your dreams and use vision as a way of putting your dreams in the universe

it is the same as writing down our goals when we think of one

Just believe that your dreams will come true, and making a vision is a fun activity for you to put your dreams in a physical space through this!

2. You are not taking action with your vision board.

The most important vision board mistake is this! Many people believe that a vision board or manifestation is magic.

That you will make this board, and everything will simply, happen for you, yes, a part of it may be true, but without you taking action, nothing much will happen.

you can’t sit every day and expect all your goals to come true right at your doors, you have to get and work toward them

You are making a vision board, so you motivate yourself each day, by looking at the pictures, and go for it!

Action is the most important step you must take!

Once you step into the field to get what you want, things will start happening that align with your dreams.

3. You are only relying on your vision board

Similar to the above point, one of the common, vision board mistakes, is that people rely fully, on the vision board for it to be successful.

It is not a spell, it is a manifestation technique, designed to keep you connected and motivated toward your goals.

It works on building inner confidence and clarity on what you want. As you keep looking at your vision board every day, you get more clear and motivated toward achieving it.

This is something that helps you when you take steps toward each of your goals.

Now, if your vision board goal was to get fit, you are not gonna be fit by sitting all day and not moving your body at all.

You will not lose weight magically, you need to get up and move, and slowly, you might start getting easier ways to get fit.

Your environment will lead you to make healthier decisions, or you will feel motivated to exercise.

Don’t just rely on your vision board to do everything, it needs to work with you, so you have to work as well!

4. You are not emotionally connected to the board.

During, the process of making your vision board, you need to be emotionally connected to it.

That means you need to be emotionally connected to your dreams and goals!

Feel it in your heart and imagine these dreams coming to life as you make your board and keep this feeling alive till you achieve them.

When you are not connected to your vision board, it means you are not connected to your dreams, the less likely you are willing to work on them and eventually achieve them.

5. You are constantly doubting your vision board

Whether you have made a 1-year, 2-year, or 5-year vision board through the years, you keep doubting your vision board of what if it does not happen if you let self-doubt take over.

You are most likely to not achieve them, the more you feel uncertain about something, the less likely it is to happen.

You need to make inner peace with the dreams that you have put on your board.

If you have put falling in love in your vision board as you dream and you constantly doubt and tell yourself – you are not deserving of being in love, will I be able to love anyone, or will someone fall in love with me.

You are going against the universe! Believe in yourself and not obsess over when it will happen – how and things like that

6. You are not updating it

This is one of the mistakes I made when I first created my vision board, I made a 3-5-year vision board which I never updated.

You know, we humans are constantly evolving, as our circumstances change, a lot of our goals also change.

Things I wanted a year or two ago, I don’t want all of them now, maybe some, but many things have changed.

Because I have evolved with time!

So, the dreams I had put on my board five years ago, I may not want anymore, so I am not thinking about them or doing anything to achieve them.

Similarly, you need to keep updating your board as your goals change! Keep your board up to date with your dreams.

7. You are not making it right

I learned this from few youtubers in their vision board results video, of how you need to make a vision board a certain way for it to work for you. It is more than just finding pics on magazine and pasting them!

Since then I have been making it like that. I have shared few posts on how to make your vision board correctly, check below

8. Your vision board goals are not clear

When I made my vision board in the beginning for a few years ago, one of the mistakes that I made was not being clear about most of my goals

It is fine if you are not so clear about 1 or 2 things, but for the most part, if you want to manifest something, you need to be clear on that!

Only then you can believe in your goals and work on them, if you are not clear about your goals, how will you trust yourself and take any action?

Before you make your board, don’t just put anything on it. take a moment and think about what you want to get or experience in the next year or so.

It does not have to be 100% clear, but at least enough for you to work on them and believe in them!

9. You are being impatient

Lastly, one of the common mistakes of manifestation or vision board is, that we become impatient or obsessed with the results.

We keep getting impatient about, when will we see the results when instead, our focus should be on the process of achieving it and not the results!

Let go and be patient that all your dreams will come true sooner or later! Just keep working on them and keep them in your heart!


So these were the 9 vision board mistakes i have made in the past and i see other make too!

I hope all your dreams come true! Stay blessed!

Vision Board Mistakes

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