15 Best Weekly Reset Checklist for a perfect weekly reset routine

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Resetting your life every week is a great way to organize and get your life moving on track. Here is a weekly reset checklist that you will love!

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More often, we get caught up in work or distractions that we forget what we wanted to do to level up our life, financial goals, and personal goals, and check in with our mental health.

All of this gets messed up as weeks pass by quickly,

We keep thinking in our heads that we need to take a day to get everything together and reset our life!

But it never truly happens!

This is why a small weekly reset routine can be an achievable approach to getting your life together.

Every week, you set a day and do, small changes to check in with yourself and recharge your life.

It is not a lot of work and is easier to implement since you do it weekly!

Whereas if you were to reset your life, after a month or many months. It would be a lot of work, and you would need time.

In weekly reset checklist, it helps you do small things every week that help you manage your life!

What does weekly reset mean?

In case, you feel confused about what weekly reset means, I am here to explain it to you! Don’t worry!

Weekly reset, simply means catching up on yourself/ your life to see where you are going and help you recharge yourself after a hectic week.

When we get caught up in the daily hustle, our life feels dull, uninspired, and tired.

A weekly reset done every week helps you recharge yourself and help you build a plan to make sure you are aligned with your goals and things you want to do!

When is the Best Time to Do a Weekly Reset?

The weekly reset has to be every week, a day when you can make time to do everything that is included in the weekly reset checklist.

So An off day would be ideal, usually Saturday and Sunday for most!

But if you can have any day of the week free for yourself, you can set it to do a weekly reset!

What should be included in a weekly reset?

In the checklist below, I share, all the things I feel are a must to include in your weekly reset routine.

However, you can add different things, as well, per your needs and preference.

In general, a weekly reset checklist must include activities, that can help you get in touch with yourself, so you know what you are doing next week.

You are doing something meaningful that helps you grow and achieve your goals and also activities to help you feel relaxed after an exhausting day.

How do you reset every week?

Weekly reset checklist routine

1. Review Last Week’s Goals

Starting off your weekly reset by reviewing your last week! Why? Because it helps us analyze and see how our week went in a nutshell

things you accomplished and things you that did not go well

Mistakes you made, and you need to correct them

What are the things you missed working on and need to get done in the coming week?

This helps you plan better and work efficiently, making a difference in your growth!

So review your last week! Review all areas of your life and how each area did and felt for you

In the below point, I will share some journal prompts to practice in your weekly reset!

2. Journal

Journaling is an important aspect for me to include in a weekly reset

The whole ideas of a weekly reset are to catch up with yourself which can only be done by communicating with yourself

Through journaling you can write down and share deeply how your last week went

you can brain-dump all your thoughts and feelings about each day which helps you feel better

With journaling you will also realize things you need to improve for bettering your life!

Here are 17 Thoughtful Sunday journal prompts for a weekly reset

3. Plan your week and set new goals

Once you have successfully reviewed your previous week and journaled your feeling and thoughts

you can easily and effectively Plan your week ahead which will include

  • The goal for the week
  •  Intentions of the week
  •  Deadlines and appointment
  •  Habits and self-care
  •  and other things you wish to implement

4. Do Meal Planning and Grocery run

Ahh! The house chores are the must we all have to do!

A weekly reset is perfect to do meal prepping for your week ahead

if you are the on-the-go-go person on weekdays and don’t really get much time to cook. Meal prepping is better than eating out all the time!

It is also the perfect time to stock up on your grocery for the week!

  • check for any products that have gotten expired or finished and you need to buy them again
  •  Do simple meal prep for the week or a particular time of the day you don’t get time to cook

5. Clean Out your Fridge

While we are on the topic of kitchen to-do’s, cleaning your fridge is another must activity to do for a weekly reset

Our fridge can get cluttered with leftovers and half-cooked items sometimes. So its better to clean it out every week which won’t take much time if you do weekly

6. Tidy the House

On the topic of cleaning. Weekdays are often tough to tidy our house

Or if you simply have not cleaned your messy home in a while.

Weekly reset is a perfect day to do so!

trust me, it may seem like a task but afterward, you will feel so good!

  • change your bedsheets and pillow covers
  •  vacuum and clean different areas of your home with a cloth
  •  Do your laundry
  •  Fold your clothes and keep them in their place

7. Clear Digital Clutter

Digital space has become a huge part of all of our life, and if that is true for you as well

Your work and lots of stuff are connected to your smart devices, a weekly reset is a perfect time to clear all the clutter!

Also if you have noticed that social media apps have become a huge distraction for you through the weekdays, then deleting most of them is also a great way to reset your week as well as your life!

Here is an Easy Digital Declutter Checklist to Simplify your digital life you can follow to help you clear out digital clutter

8. Update Budget

Finance is a huge to-do! We need to have our expenses checked constantly so we can spend wisely.

I don’t have a weekly budget, but depending on how often you shop and your needs if you live alone. You might want to update and create a new budget!

9. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Have a busy work life during weekdays when you are usually on the go. Sleep can be compromised!

so, you must include Getting a goodnight Sleep in your weekly reset checklist!

Sleep is so important to feel relaxed, energized and avoid feeling exhausted.

Make sure, you get an undistracted, full 8 hours of sleep at night, so you start your week with a fresh mind!

10. Relax & Recharge

While I have included a lot of tasks for your weekly reset, It is incomplete without proper rest.

This is primarily my main aim for a weekend reset where you can spend, an ample amount of time relaxing and recharging yourself.

The tasks are essential if you have not done them on weekdays and they have piled up, apart from that, if you feel that you don’t. necessarily need to do so much work.

You can simply make goals and strategies and then spend the rest of the time relaxing as well.

It depends on your personal life, what are the things you need to work on? You have to stop paying attention to

The weekly reset is needed so you can take a moment to pay attention and work on that particular thing!

So decide for yourself, and must include relaxing and having fun in your weekly reset checklist!

Here are some things you can do to relax and recharge-

  • Watch a movie
  •  Spend time in the sun
  •  picnic time in the park
  •  indulging in a hobby like painting for hours
  •  sleeping
  •  playing with puppy
  •  spending time with family
  •  doing nothing at all

11. Catchup With Friends

Spending time with friends is another great way to reset your week! You share about your life and feel comforted and light.

You laugh and spend quality time, which helps you feel refreshed and happy again.

So meeting up or even talking with a friend can be a great way to catch up with them.

I try to meet my friends on weekends.

12. Do relaxing self-care

Ahh! Self-care, where do I begin?

We all know self-care means taking care of ourselves, and the aim of resetting our life in a week is to be able to take care of ourselves.

Because we don’t get to do it on weekdays, we can intentionally analyze and see what we need to work on.

In short, resetting is incomplete without incorporating self-care!

Observe all 8 pillars of self-care and try to find what you need to work on to take care of yourself!

And spend your time doing those particular self-care practices to help and nourish that area.

It is all about finding out what you are missing and planning to work on it.

In case you are looking for ideas to add to your self-care reset week- here are few

13. Move your Body

If you don’t work out or move your body actively on weekdays, then a weekly reset day is the ideal time to do some cardio, walking, or any body movement.

Ideally, one should indulge in 30 minutes of body movement every day, but in some cases, if you don’t get much time, then even start with doing once a week.

Your weekly reset day also works as it will slowly help you add more days and make it a habit too!

  • You can do 30 minutes to 1 hour of walking
  •  Stretching your body for 15-30 minutes
  •  Doing yoga
  •  Playing a sport
  •  Workout for 20-40 minutes

But you must add physical activity to your checklist!

14. Eat well

Lastly, and most importantly. Eating well is so important in taking care of ourselves.

We tend to eat out a lot during weekdays or not pay much attention to nutrients and what our body needs.

On your weekly reset day, make it a priority to eat well-nourishing food for your body!

Eating home-cooked tasty food filled with all Nutrition.

Here is a weekly reset checklist you can save or download below

Weekly reset checklist


So these were 15 must have weekly reset activities to include in your checklist to reset your life and start you new week with enthusiasm

It helps you keep track of your life and spend each day with meaning! Doing something important!

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