90 Realistic New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2024

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2024 is almost here! Are you thinking of setting a New Year’s resolution? If yes, this is the post for you! You will find over 90 Realistic New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2024

Realistic New Year's Resolution Ideas

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It is a tradition for all of us to set New Year’s resolutions every year, isn’t it? It could be in your mind or firmly, written somewhere on what you want to achieve.

Regardless of what way you set it, if it works for you! It’s great! I think the idea of setting, a New Year resolution is awesome.

Each year is different, and each year brings us the opportunity to grow and change our lives.

It can be the littlest habit of sleeping on time or a big resolution like starting a new project!

Whatever you want to set, you can!

However, if you are short on ideas with the hope of bettering your life in terms of health, personal growth, and so on

In this post, I share 90 Realistic New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2024 that are great for everyone!

New Year Resolution Ideas for 2024

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90 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2024

Healthy new years resolution Ideas

1. Do 10 minute deep breathing Daily

Practicing deep breathing can help you heal your body and mind. As long as we are breathing, we are alive, isn’t it?

The deeper you practice breathing correctly, you help your lungs and each organ of your body to live longer and help you release all the stress in the world. It helps with

  • Anxiety.
  •  Depression.
  •  Managing stress.
  •  Improving focus.
  •  Better sleep.
  •  Faster recovery from exercise or exertion.
2. Walk 5000-10000 steps every day.

Daily walking is a must for each human out there, even if you work for 1 hour. You still need to walk throughout the day.

The more you walk, the more active your body will be, and keep you fit. It is a must, in today’s time, where we usually sit and work the whole day!

You can set a goal to walk at least 5000-10000 steps in the day, which will also help you with burning calories as well.

You can easily divide your walk into 3 parts of the day, morning, after lunch, and dinner.

So after you eat, by walking you can also digest your food better!

3. No phone till breakfast pact

We all know the phone has become an enemy in our lives, we procrastinate and struggle with doing anything because of the phone.

Especially in the morning, if you touch your phone, you end up wasting hours scrolling and not starting your day right, which also, leads to an unproductive day.

A simple resolution you can set is to make a pact not to touch your phone until you eat your breakfast, so you end up finishing your morning routine successfully!

Then, you can use your phone for work if needed!

4 . Wake up at 6-7 am

Ever since I became a morning person, I cannot stop recommending it to others, now, as winter is approaching I definitely find it challenging to wake up early.

But whenever I do end up, waking up at 7-7:30, my days get so much better!

If you have been waking up past 9am, and also struggle to more work done, you should set this as one of your New Years Resolution Ideas for 2024

5. Brush you teeth and floss before taking in anything

If you usually have your water first thing before brushing or taking anything else,

Set a goal to brush your teeth and floss every morning before taking in anything.

Recently, my health coach/mentor told me that it is wrong, you should not drink or eat anything in the morning until you have brushed your teeth and flossed.

The reason is that, at night, our body does a lot of detox work, which builds up bacteria in the morning in our mouth as well.

So if we are drinking water or eating anything before taking those bacteria out of our system, they will go back again inside ;(

6. Cook one healthy meal a day from scratch

If you want to be healthy in 2024 and you are still eating out or junk food all the time, your health will struggle.

Especially if eat out A LOT, you need to set this simple resolution for yourself.

Only cooking one healthy meal a day from scratch. Start with only a meal. That is, healthy cooked by you, with fresh ingredients and or ready-made packaged food like – noodles!

7. Do 30 minute yoga

Yoga has been the best way to keep your body healthy in all forms since I started taking yoga classes.

I have found that it involves everything from flexibility, core, strength, breathing, and balance. It will help you to keep your physically fit in almost all ways.

You can spend just 30 minutes every day doing yoga.

8. Exercise for 25 mins daily

Another way to keep yourself can also be by simply doing a 25-minute workout! The idea is to move your body, and this is one way.

9. Eat home-cooked food daily

The key to good health is food. Food is the real medicine we need in our lives.

So, if you have been eating out every day, you are affecting your health. If your New Year resolution is to be healthy.

Then, you should first set a goal to eat home-cooked food!

Home-cooked food is healthy because you can choose healthy ingredients that nourish your body

10. Connect in nature

Spend more time in nature to boost your vitamin D, get fresh air, and help you heal yourself emotionally and find peace.

11. Have more hydrating liquids throughout the day.

Hydration is another key factor for keeping yourself healthy in the new year. Drink lots of water, and if you struggle with having plain water.

The idea is to have hydrating liquids throughout the day so it can be fruits diffused water, juice, smoothies, and everything that is hydrating

12. Get a health coach

For me, the best decision I made in 2023 was to get a holistic health coach who helped me heal my chronic health issues without medicine and only food and herbal supplements!

If you truly want to heal yourself and be healthy this year, get yourself a Holistic health coach. They will help you reach your ideal health and find the root causes to heal yourself!

13. Have all 3 meals with the right plating guide.

We have three essential meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, each of these meals is a way for us to get all the nutrients we need

Now, in every three meals, it should have everything – protein, carbs, fats, antioxidants, veggies.

This way, you will have a complete meal that will give you the benefits you need.

For example, carbs provide a source of energy, but if you end up, consuming too much carbs than required, you will feel lazy and unproductive.

Similarly, other protein and veggies have their purpose and should be included, in the right proportion in all three meals.

14. Build holistic lifestyle

You can set your intention for the new year to build a holistic lifestyle for yourself. A holistic lifestyle is all about healing yourself with a functional approach.

You can read about it in more detail in my this post –

15. Choose the stairs

If you want to be more active and fit in the new year, make sure to use every opportunity to move your body!

One common and simple habit you can maintain is Choosing the stairs instead of elevators!

Nowadays, at every place, we have elevators or escalators, making it convenient for us to travel. While they are good, they also make us move less along the day with other things.

if you are not in a hurry, you can choose to use stairs to help you move your muscles even during the day!

16. Eat more veggies

One of my New Year’s resolutions the new year is to include more veggies on my plate.

I have noticed most of us stick to our basic, few recipes and eat them, most of them do not include a lot of veggies or its vast variety.

We stick to the basic veggies we like and more carbs.

Veggies, in fact, are the most important of nutrition and should have the maximum quantity!

17. Start Each Day With a Nutritious Breakfast

Throughout the day, it may be challenging for you to get time to cook for yourself if that is the case.

The best way to get some nutrition in your body is in the morning. Start your every morning with nutritious food and have a healthy start.

Self-improvement New years resolution ideas

18. Read 1 book every month

If you want to boost personal growth in the new year, one amazing way to increase knowledge is by reading books.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, books are filled with knowledge and lessons and provide us with new perspectives and cultures in the world.

Reading can help you enhance your creativity, and imagination and use them, in your real life! You can read books on areas you want to improve in your life as well!

19. Spend at least 1hr every day learning something new

Nurture your personal growth by spending each day 1 hour at least in learning!

The more you learn, the better you become a person! The skill set will help you in life.

It can be anything related to your interest, or project. Make sure you spend an active one-hour learning!

Here are 50 things to learn when bored at home

20. Start Journaling everyday

We go about our day in a hurry all our lives, when do we get time to sit and connect with ourselves and review our lives.

How do we feel? And whether we are aligned with our purpose or not. Except for New Year’s Eve, there is hardly any time most people sit and think about life.

But if you build the habit of journaling every day, you can do all of it! You stay connected to yourself, your purpose

You get to express how you feel and make better decisions because journaling helps in providing clarity as well!

21. Compliment journal

Another New Years resolution Ideas on my list is building a compliment journal, which is not to compliment others but for yourself.

Most of us struggle with low self-esteem, in fact, we all tend to be rude and neglect ourselves more than anyone else.

We all need a bit more love and kindness towards ourselves which is why a simple practice of complimenting yourself every day is great.

While it is easy to find fault every day for what we did wrong, we can take a step back and instead write something we are proud of doing each day.

It can be anything throughout the day, but write for yourself, and slowly you will see, how better your relationship with yourself gets.

22. Improve work-life balance

If you are a workaholic and have neglected your personal life for a while, you must set this as your resolution! Focus on creating a balance between work life and personal life!

23. Make your bed every day.

If you are looking for a simple New Years resolution ideas that you can stick to! I would say start with making your bed every day!

It is a simple practice that can help you stick to New Year’s resolutions as well as, have a clean and tidy bed each night when you come back home!

24. Practice Saying ‘No.’

If you struggle with setting boundaries with people and tend to neglect your feelings to please others, this is one New Year resolution you must set!

Shift the focus to yourself and focus on building boundaries!

25. Clean and declutter every week

Having a clean and minimal home to live in is a blessing. The space you, come back to for relaxing after a hectic day, matters!

If it is not clean or tidy, your mind will not be in a resting state!

So set a goal to clean and declutter your home every week to maintain a minimal and relaxing home environment.

26. Commit to your schedule

We make so many plans at the start of the new year, but how many of those plans do we stick to?

Making schedules won’t bring results alone, sticking to them consistently will only help you bring results!

Set your New Year resolution to commit to your schedule no matter what!

27. Set a productive morning routine.

A good start to the morning brings you a good day! If you start lazy, the rest of your day goes the same way.

If you want to have each day productive, then set a productive morning routine that gives you the boost!

28. Limit social media use.

Observe your current social media usage? How many hours do you spend on your phone, if it is more than 2 hours, you need to limit your usage!

It is affecting your life, and deep down, you already know it!

29. Practice gratitude every day.

A New Years resolution ideas to help you be more positive in your life is practicing gratitude every day

it is easy to look for negative things each day, what went wrong, and stuff. A simple practice of intentionally finding something to be grateful about each day will help you shift your focus to good things in your life and feel good

30. Develop confidence and self-love

If you struggle with confidence or self-love, then put aside all your New Year resolutions and goals, and focus solely on developing these.

These are the key areas you need to build! It affects other areas of your life too, once you focus on this, everything starts happening easily!

Financial New Years resolution Ideas

31. Stop living pay check to pay check

Living paycheck to paycheck means there’s little to no financial cushion.

This lack of stability can make it challenging to handle unexpected expenses, emergencies, or changes in income.

Break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck by carefully planning, budgeting, and sometimes making significant changes to your financial habits.

32. Track all your expenditures.

Tracking your expenditures helps you create a budget by providing a clear picture of where your money is going.

Understanding your spending habits enhances your overall financial awareness. It helps you identify unnecessary expenses, areas where you can cut back, and opportunities for saving.

There are various methods for tracking expenses, ranging from using budgeting apps and spreadsheets to keeping handwritten records.

Choose a method that fits your preferences and lifestyle,

33. Create a monthly budget and stick to it

Creating and sticking to a monthly budget is an effective way to manage your finances and achieve your financial goals.

What is more important is that you stick to your budget no matter what experience the benefits it provides

34. Also, form a smart spending plan

Creating, a smart spending plan is essential, as it helps you manage your finances effectively and achieve your, financial goals. H

35. Try a Spending Freeze

A spending freeze, also known as a “no-spend challenge,” is a deliberate and temporary restriction on discretionary spending.

During a spending freeze, individuals commit to limiting or eliminating certain, types of expenses for a specified period. It helps with-

  1. Debt Reduction:
  2.  Boost Savings
  3.  Breaks Bad Habits:
  4.  Focus on Essentials:
  5.  Improved Financial Discipline:
  6.  Short-Term Focus for Long-Term Gain:
36. Build multiple sources of income

Although it is not a must at this age, building multiple sources of income provides greater financial security and independence.

You don’t have to depend on one source of income for your livelihood, and also, it creates a way for more income, if you need it!

37. Start investing

Maybe, this new year, you can focus on investing a little portion to help you build more income? I am not an expert in this, but there are many resources you can read to learn about investing!

38. Get in the Habit of Checking Your Bank Account Daily

At this age, we all make online payments for little things too big. We forget how much money we have because we don’t look at it at all

Only to get a shock that you have spent most of your money on little not so important things.

Looking at your bank account will help you understand how much money you currently have and how you can spend it wisely!

39. Pay Credit card debt on time

Paying credit card debt on time is crucial for several reasons, and it has significant financial and personal benefits.

  • Avoid Late Fees:
  • Maintain Good Credit Score:
  • Prevent Interest Charges:
  • Preserve Credit Card Benefits:
  • Avoid Negative Impact on Credit Report:
  • Build Trust with Creditors:
  • Protect Your Financial Future:
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety:
40. Put Your Bills on Autopay

Another change you can make for new yeas is putting your bills on autopay to pay your essential charges on time.

When we pay manually, it is possible to forget about the date and miss it. Which has lots of poor impacts but by putting these few on auto pay you can pay your bills on time

41. Read and watch more about building wealth

If your new year goal is to have better finances! You can spend your time reading and watching about building wealth as well.

42. Start saving more and spending less

Ugh, the habit of spending can make you spend all your income and have no money left for important future unexpected expenses!

Form this habit of saving more and spending less from today!

43. Create a plan to pay off debt

If you are in a lot of debt, then I am sure already you have been making attempts to pay it off.

Create a plan with the help of a financial advisor if needed to pay off your debt!

44. Build an emergency fund

Having an emergency fund is a must for everyone, we never know when we need something for health or unexpected situations.

45. Pay yourself first

A personal finance book named- ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’.

talks about how everyone needs to keep 10% of what they earn to pay themselves first. This money needs to be spent towards your assets or any form of investment like education, house, or future project!

New Year Resolutions Ideas to practice self care

46. Find time for hobbies

If you want to be happy, have fun, or enjoy time with yourself more this new year, then set one of your New Year’s Resolution Ideas to indulge in hobbies!

Hobbies are key to all of it! I share amazing hobbies and ideas in these posts

47. Schedule self-care in your daily routine

If you need to stay connected to yourself and build self-care, then first, you need to schedule self-care in your everyday routine.

Setting a minimum of 10 minutes will also work in the beginning!

48. Practice breathing and meditation every day.

Deep breathing and meditation are great self-care practices to boost your mood and be in a relaxing state!

49. Dress up for yourself.

Dress to make yourself feel good, even when at home! I remember when I used to work from home and dress in pajamas, I used to feel low too.

Dressing up has a positive effect on mood and confidence!

50. Take a social media break.

Set a new year resolution to take a social media break every month. It can be a full day off or a week!

Disconnect for all apps and connect to things in your real life!

51. Set a morning routine.

This year, I set a morning routine for my health and wellbeing, which has been a boost to my life!

You can read my morning routine here and, as well as, find a morning routine for yourself that helps you make your life better!.

52. Set a bedtime routine

Similar to morning, a bedtime routine can help you relax and get ready for better sleep, which is essential for recovery and energy!

  1. Go On Solo dates.

Go on solo dates to nurture your relationship with yourself! Have fun by doing various activities and not depend on others to have fun anymore.

54 Step out of your house every day

Stepping out of your house every day is essential for good mental health! Apart from that, it helps you grow by creating more new experiences in life and earning new things!

55. Set up the cleaning schedule

Always have a messy home and struggle to make time to clean? Set this New Year’s resolution to clean more!

Create a cleaning schedule for the new year, and make sure to stick to it, no matter what!

56. Pray everyday

If you want to get deeper into spirituality this new year, start with praying!

Praying is simply asking the universe for blessings! It is not selfish. Whether it is good or the universe you believe

pray every day, it hardly takes a second!

57. Implement mindfulness in everyday activities.

To nurture self-care and personal growth in your life, One activity that you need to implement the most is mindfulness.

When you do everything by being mindful, you make a better decision that aligns with your heart!

58. Check an Item Off Your Bucket List

Self-care is all about feeling good, so it is incomplete without setting new resolutions to fulfill your bucket list!

We all have a bucket list, don’t we? Set the goal to tick off at least one thing from your list this year!

59. Spend quality time with friends and family every week.

Self-care therapy is truly being with your loved ones! The presence and company of your family and friends help you feel at peace and relaxed!

They feel the same too, when you are there! Make sure you spend more quality time with them this year!

60. Consider Therapy

We humans go through so much in our life. Not all parts of our life are happy. Some come with baggage that becomes a part of our daily lives and activities!

While implementing personal growth and self-care helps, for many things, having a professional to help get through and overcome that baggage is a must!

Maybe this year, you can reach out to a therapist, who help you with such problems or challenges you are going through

61. Create Relaxation Time

If you have spent your past years always working to the point, you feel exhausted. It is time to take a few steps back and welcome rest in your life.

Relaxing is as much important as working, this year set a particular time for yourself every day,  to relax and rest authentically

62. Meet New People

Having a social life where you get to engage with new people to grow and have fun is important for your development and mental health.

Being an introvert, I used to always keep myself close, and meet only my close ones. When those friends move away for work and studies.

I felt disappointed and lonely because I had no connection with anyone else, and most importantly, I struggled to make new friendships again.

Since then, I have realized the importance of going out and meeting new people, As as challenging it feels, it helps you grow and make beautiful connections.

Habits to eliminate in new year

63. Don’t touch your phone first thing in the morning

One habit, all of us, must eliminate this new year is to touch our phones right in the morning when we wake up.

Apart from the many chemical effects it has on our brain and dopamine levels, it also leads to a productive and lazy start to the day.

Instead of doing anything, you sit in a corner and scroll for ours. If you want to make the most out of your day.

Then this habit needs to go!

64. Stop reading newspapers and watching the news.

Similar to scrolling through social media and taking in dozens of information, there is one more reason to not read newspapers or watch the news in the morning.

I know it may be shocking or sound odd to many, as newspapers are delivered in the morning, and many people start their day with them.

However, it is not healthy; why?

About 99.9% of the information or headlines that you read in those few pages are negative information primarily written in a way to alert our brains to dangers.

Although you may not realize it subconsciously, it has a more significant and adverse effect on your mindset and the day

we should start our morning with a positive attitude and not fear or anxiety, well, consciously, you do not feel anxious after reading one piece of bad news, but your subconscious self does! It takes in all the bad news

65. Eliminate complaining

In 2023, my New Year resolution was to leave the habit of complaining myself, and OH BOY!

The best thing I did, I realize how much negativity was coming from me in my life because I used to complain.

So many things still did not work out my way in 2023, but this time I managed to let go, move on from it easily, and do better things I can control!

66. Less partying

Partying is fun and cool, but if you have been spending more time partying than doing something productive.

Then, you need to eliminate or cut down on your habit. Focus on our passion, dreams health, and relationships, more that will bring you real enjoyment!

67. Stop sleeping late

Sleeping late affects, not only your body’s recovery process, which only happens at night. But also your daily routine and productivity.

You wake up late, leave so many things pending because there is no time left, and have a lazy day.


If that look like your day? It is time to stop sleeping late!

68. Quit smoking

Smoking is one of the most unhealthy things you can do for your health! If you want to live a better life, free from diseases, and addiction. You need to leave it!

69. Don’t consume coffee first thing in the morning

If you have a habit of drinking coffee first thing in the morning then this year, you must break it!

It is not at all healthy to consume it first thing on an empty stomach and can lead to many health issues.

try eating something before you consume coffee in the morning!

70. Delete unnecessary apps from the phone

Spending too much time on your phone? One reason could be that you have too many apps on your phone that make you constantly scroll!

Delete them this new year and limit your usage!

71. Don’t renew your Netflix/ TV subscription

If you tend to watch too many TV shows or waste your time on this, instead of working? Then it is time you stop renewing them to help you avoid watching them in the first place and eliminate this habit!

72. Cut back on alcohol.

Cutting back on alcohol can have various health and financial benefits.

It is not good for health, we all know right? Try to limit your intake as much as possible!

73. Limit your processed food intake

Another thing to eliminate as much as you can is the amount of processed food you take in!

It has negative effects on your health, and most people are consuming more processed food than real fresh food!

74. Stop scrolling online shopping websites.

Stop scrolling through online shopping websites and reduce impulsive or unnecessary purchases,

Remember that breaking habits takes time, so be patient, with yourself as you work towards reducing the time spent scrolling through online shopping websites.

75. Eliminate multitasking

Eliminating multitasking and adopting a more focused, single-tasking approach can improve, your productivity, efficiency, and overall well-being.

76. Beat laziness in the new year.

Beating laziness and fostering motivation is a common goal, especially as the new year begins! If you are currently struggling with being lazy

Read my post on how to stop being lazy

77. Reduce Stress

Stress is the cause of all suffering, isn’t it?

78. Let Go of Grudges

Don’t enter the new year with grudges in your heart, let go of what happened in the past and have a fresh start to the new year

79. Stop Being Late

If you struggle to be on time, then, focus this year on being on time in every place or meeting.

Break the habit of being late everywhere! feels, it helps you grow and make beautiful connections.

More New Year’s Resolution ideas

  • 80. Travel out of city once a year
  • 81. Use less single use plastic
  • 82. Don’t avoid discomfort, use it to grow and challenge yourself
  • 83. Always take your own water bottle
  • 84. Reinvent Yourself
  • 85. Go meatless once a week
  • 86.Always take your own carry bag
  • 87. Get a Medical Check-up Often
  • 88.Be conscious when you shop
  • 89. Develop More Creativity
  • 90. Stick to the Healthy Habits You’ve Developed
New Year Resolution Ideas for 2024

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