50 Useful Lists ideas to include in your planner to track today

A planner can be a life saver in helping you track everyday essential list! If you have a Planner here 50 useful Lists ideas to include in your planner to track

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For all the Planner lovers like me, The feeling of writing down lists and making notes of your everyday essentials is just out of the world

Let’s be honest, the Excitement of writing in your planner is more fulfilling than actually getting tasks done! Isn’t it?

If you enjoy making lists or writing in your planner, I will share 50 useful lists, that you can write and track in your planner.

Some of these lists are fun and helpful in your everyday life, which is a life-saver to track!

Why you should write helpful lists in your planner:

Well, honestly, we all know how much work and responsibilities are there every day, there are never-ending tasks, and it is hard to remember everything in our brains.

That’s why planners were made that make it less stressful, and you can dump in all your tasks, ideas, and lists in one place.

Going through it, every day helps you remember and know what you need to do.

How easy that is?!

This is why writing useful lists in your planner can help you keep your life organized and keep you less stressed.

You are less likely to forget any important task and suffer! So why not make lists?

Lists ideas to include in your planner to track

Useful Lists ideas to include in your planner to track today

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Work/Important lists

1 Goal of the day

2 Next week’s goals

3 To-do list of the day

4 Weekly meals ( breakfast. lunch, dinner)

5. Weekly goals

6. Urgent Tasks/ Deadlines

7. Expenses list

8. Content ideas for content creators

9. Project/ work ideas to do

10. Income tracking list

11. Appointments

12. Brainstorming ideas

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Fun Lists to Include in Your Planner

13 Favourite TV shows

14 Bucket List

15. Fun ideas for when you get bored

16. Loved one’s birthdays/anniversaries

17. Gift ideas

18. Date night ideas

19. Cafe and restaurants to try in future

20. Books to read

21.. Favourite shows and movies you have watched

22. Favourite Books you have read

23. Your wishlist ( that you can share with loved ones)

24. New recipes to try

25. Songs titles you love

Personal Growth lists

26. Financial goals

27. Things that make you happy

28. Daily self-care ideas

29. Affirmation lists

30. Daily wins

31. Habits

32. Gratitude

33. Fitness goals

34. Date night ideas

35. relationship goals

36. Daily inspirational quotes

37. Health goals

Personal care lists

38. Cleaning list

39. Grocery you need to buy

40. Usernames and passwords

41. Stores that you need to go to and for what

42. Repurchase items

43. Areas to simplify in your home

44. Festival must buy’s

Travel Lists

45. Travel bucket list

46. Travel essentials for winters

47. Travel Essentials for Summers

48. Carry-on essentials ( when you go out)

49. Packing Lists

50. Sightseeing locations


So these were 50 lists you can include in your planner if you were confused about what to write. Honestly, they can come in so handy when you need to look for ideas or your go-to items and places!

What Lists Will You Track in Your Planner?

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Lists ideas to include in your planner to track

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