19 ways to stop being lazy and get things done

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Feeling lazy all the time and can’t get anything done? Here are 19 ways to stop being lazy and get things done!

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I am sure you have many things you want to achieve, so many dreams and experiences. You want to work hard for that, but somewhere, there is this thing called laziness, coming your way!

Ahh! If only there was a way to get things done and not feel lazy all the time! How amazing would that be?!

In this post, I am going to share with you the best 21 ways to stop being lazy, habits, and tricks I have found that helped me and many others in beating their laziness!

But first!

What is Laziness in reality?

Feeling lazy is something we all have gone through, or we can say we tend to say this term more often than needed.

The idea of laziness, in our eyes, can be slightly different in reality! I too, used to feel that I was a lazy person, but I have found that laziness is not something that comes from our nature.

We feel lazy only when

  • We have to do something we are not interested in
  •  We don’t know how to do it
  •  We wait to feel motivated to do tasks
  •  We have too many distractions around
  •  We are trying to do something without any intention or purpose

Observe it yourself, whenever you feel lazy to do something. There is a 90% chance that it is because of one of the reasons I mentioned above!

Am I right?

If yes, imagine if you could remove all these obstacles from your life, then laziness would be a huge problem in your life again!

Let’s find out the ways to stop being lazy!

ways to stop being lazy and get things done

How to stop being Lazy – 19 ways!

1. Understand why you feel lazy.

As I mentioned above, laziness is not something we feel just like that, there is always a real reason behind it!

Not knowing how to do something, or having to do something you absolutely find boring and have no interest in

You have no strong purpose for doing the task and so you are not able to push yourself when it feels hard!

It could be anything but there is always a WHY behind feeling lazy!

Every time you find yourself feeling lazy, ask yourself and get to the root of what is truly making you so lazy!

2. Don’t wait for motivation to come- do it anyway.

The new thing we all have started to do is wait for the motivation

Because we have heard that when you feel motivated you can get things done, so now we naturally have started waiting for motivation to come so we can get something done

If we want to get fit and exercise, we try to wait for the motivation to kick in for us to begin our workout journey

I tell you that happened to me, 3 years back I had started feeling motivated to get fit and I managed to work out every day for a year! but once I stopped

I lost the motivation after I failed to work out so many times and kept giving excuses that I was not feeling motivated to do it anymore

And so I hardly exercised for one whole year. Eventually, I realized that I have to stop waiting for motivation to kick and get myself into an environment in which I can move my body!

I joined a class, and paid the money for a dance class because I enjoy dancing and this way I can move my body and stay active!

And I started seeing results so quickly after that!

So stop waiting for that moment of motivation to come for you to do something! Find a way and start doing it now!

3. Know your why/inspiration

For us to do anything there either there has to be an enjoyment or purpose in it. otherwise, we don’t really wish to do it.

If it is fun, it does feel like work, and even if it’s boring it serves a great purpose in our life we are already inspired to do it.

Before I started blogging, I had switched 2 careers, both of which I felt always lazy to do, I would not feel motivated and lazy that it made me question what was going on with me!

Till the time, the work was bringing me joy, I kept doing it, but once it went away, I started to feel lazy, the money was not coming in much either, and I felt my work was not fulfilling any purpose to drive me.

But when I started my blog, the situation was so different, I hardly ever felt lazy to work on this business.

In fact, for one whole year, if anything I was more excited to work

Why? –

  • It was something, I enjoyed doing, and I was able to express and do something that was of interest
  •  It was fulfilling my purpose of doing it – helping others and making money
  •  It pushed me to continue doing it every day

That’s why it is important to know and stay connected to your WHY!

Anytime you feel you cannot get anything done – ask yourself why you even need to do it?

What is your intention for doing it? Find or remember your purpose for doing it, and you won’t feel lazy then.

4. Minimize distractions

The biggest reason we all feel lazy nowadays is because of all the distractions we have around.

Back in the day, our parents did not have so many distractions, and that’s why they were able to be more productive.

Their whole focus was focusing on their present work, they only had TV as a distraction, if anything.

But now things have changed, we have tons of games, and social media apps on our phone that keeps distracting us from doing anything.

We just want to sit and scroll through reels and Tiktok! right?

We don’t even realize how much time has passed!

Remove the distraction around you, and you will naturally get into the zone of doing!

5. Evaluate your bad habits.

Habits are also something that contributes to our lifestyle and how our day goes.

For example: If you have a habit of using your phone in the morning, you are most likely to get distracted and get stuck in the hole of scrolling.

You will feel lazy and don’t want to do anything at all

This becomes a daily habit, a bad habit that over time will get stronger and will make everyone lazy

Whereas if you make a habit of not touching your phone and directly start your work. You are less likely to be lazy

Observe and evaluate your habits, and find out if some of your habits are the reason why you feel lazy

If yes, you should remove it!

6. Write an Action Plan for each step

I mentioned at the start of the post that not knowing how to and what to do, also makes you feel like you are being lazy.

You feel overwhelmed to do anything because you don’t know where to start and how to do it!

For this, making an action plan beforehand and simplifying your work can help you solve and stop being lazy again!

Write down your tasks and make them easy to follow!

This helps you feel at ease and get things done!

8. Set Goals

Similar to purpose, having goals can help you push and not feel lazy. When you have set a goal to do something

You are less likely to feel lazy for doing it! Your mind will definitely keep reminding you that this is your goal, and you have to do it!

Goals are something that makes us feel excited about life as well. When we have goals we look forward to doing things and getting tasks done more.

In case you are looking for ideas and tips on goals, here are a few posts that may help you-

9. Create a healthy productive routine

Routine is one of the best ways to beat laziness in life!

When we do the same things every day, it gets easier for us to follow. If you have a productive routine that you follow

You will get into the zone of doing that task every day at a time naturally because your body gets used to it.

Of course, it is important to break the cycle and do different things in between.

But if you look back, the times you got most things done were only when you had a daily routine around it.

It just made it work!

Create a healthy productive routine and follow it every day, overtime it will get natural to follow and help you stop being lazy when doing something!

Here are some routine ideas you will find helpful!

10. If it takes less than 5 minutes, Do it Method

The tasks we feel most lazy to do that take hardly 5 minutes to get done

Small things like, putting our dishes in the dishwasher, which takes only a few minutes, but if not done

accumulate overtime and now feels like on a heavy task

Putting our items in their required places only takes seconds, but if not done overtime becomes one hectic cleaning to do!

There is a saying that if it takes less than 5 minutes to do, do it now”

It obviously means that every time you feel too lazy to do anything, hold on for a second and ask

How much time will it take, less than 5 minutes? Then do it now and move on!

This will save much more time in the future, and you won’t feel exhausted or lazy to do them later on

11. Get back on track

There are so many things we need to do that require consistency, because we feel lazy, we leave them in between

and this makes us feel, heartbroken which is why we stopped doing it together

Just because you missed a few days does not mean you need to stop your goals, you task completely!

Because ” Something is better than nothing”, trust me

If you wanted to work out every day and ended up missing 2 or 3 days, does not mean you will stop getting the result

It will still be better and more progressive than not working out at all!

Just get back to doing it from the next day onwards!

12. Find someone to make accountable

If you are struggling to come out of the laziness blue on your own, you can get someone to make you accountable for you to do things

I had a friend, who was going through some issues physically in her body, she needed to do exercise/yoga to help her heal.

But she would always feel lazy and unmotivated to do.

After some time, her family member hired a home yoga instructor who would come every day and give her a yoga class

Because in this someone was accountable, someone was coming every day, she could not decline

She got into doing and eventually started enjoying doing yoga

Making some accountable can help those who are not able to push themselves on their own!

13. Move your body

In today’s time, laziness comes mostly because we sit all day. we hardly move our bodies so when we have to go and do something

We just cannot, we feel lazy for doing even the smallest things like going to the kitchen and getting our food!

Moving our bodies will keep us active and make it easy for us to do things that require us to go here and there.

If we have the habit of sitting or lying all day then it will feel challenging to do even one task that needs to be done by going

So make a habit of moving your body, go out more!

14. Stop overthinking and start doing.

Another way to stop being lazy and get things done is to stop overthinking so much. It whether related to work

Doubting yourself, and worrying about the outcome, we tend to overthink so much before doing anything!

I know this because, every time I start to overthink and worry about anything, I don’t feel like working at all.

The worry ends up wasting my energy and day. It is been challenging, but ever since I realized it

I try to push myself away from these thoughts and just get up to work.

and afterward, it feels so damn good!

15. Get in the environment

If you are sitting in your bed trying to do your work or study, you are more likely to sleep than do anything else!

Our environment has a lot to do with us feeling lazy!

Whenever I try to work from home, I hardly get anything done but the moment I reach my office, it gets easier, and I can get most of my work done!


Because it is the work environment that makes me work.

If you think you are being lazy when it comes to doing something, try switching to the right environment and notice then!

16. Take breaks in between

It is also essential to take breaks so that you feel energetic to do your work, whatever that is.

If you are working with no break, you will get exhausted! You will lose motivation and end up feeling too lazy to do anything at all

Taking breaks in between can help you get rest and get the energy to do your tasks

17. Create fun activities

Like I said at the beginning of the post, when you don’t enjoy your work, you start being lazy about it,

But if it is fun and exciting, you don’t procrastinate or feel lazy, do you? If anything, you are more excited about it!

So whatever it is you want to do, and you are finding it difficult, make it fun!

This is the best way to stop being lazy and get things done

18. Eat right!

Did you know how much food impacts our life, almost 95%! certain foods can make us feel lazy too.

For example, if you eat junk food in huge amounts, you will feel lazy to do anything at all.

You need to eat foods that help you feel energetic instead!

19. Minimize perfectionism

Lastly, on ways to stop being lazy, Perfection is the enemy

When we try to make this perfect, the work never ends, eventually, it seems like a lot of work, which makes us feel lazy or overwhelmed to do it at all

So if you want to get things done, you have to remove perfectionism from your life!

Summary of ways to stop being lazy and get things done

So these were my best 19 tips to help you stop feeling lazy, I hope you found the answer to what you were looking for!

Have a great day!

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ways to stop being lazy and get things done

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