17 things you should do before the New Year 2024

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The year is about to end, and I thought, it would be great if we could start the new year on a fresh note. In this post, I will share 17 things you should do before the New Year.

things you should do before the New Year

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As the new year is about to begin, it feels exciting and a bit anxious.

The time went by so fast, and it feels like yesterday, I was writing about my last year.

Each year is so different when I look at my life, and I think you may feel the same way. So much can change and happen in just one year,

we cannot imagine!

This is why I feel each year brings us the opportunity, to turn our life around and make the most.

Not living your life the same way each year and being stuck, it is essential to grow, challenge yourself, and have fun on the way.

To begin your new year on a good note, here are 17 things you must do!

These 17 things will help you wrap your current year beautifully so you can grow and not stay stuck in the same problems and responsibilities.

things to do before the new year

17 things to do before the new year

1. Spend a quality day with yourself

The festivities will begin soon, and with the start of the new year, life will get busy very fast.

I highly recommend spending a day with yourself and having the quality to get your thoughts together.

Take a moment to grasp the year and stay connected with yourself. Each day goes by as life gets busy.

We have to pause and truly live the moment we get.

Sit in silence and have a cup of coffee or tea. Spend the time connecting with yourself!

2. Journal

Take your journal out and write down whatever you need to about your life.

As we want to begin the year on a fresh note, we need to vent out, our feelings, thoughts, dreams, problems, and everything else.

I will say again that most of us just live each day working on what of front of us and not express it.

When we go through something tough, and overwhelming, we push the feelings the thoughts away

because we don’t have the time to deal with it, and things like this keep building up.

Don’t take the same things, thoughts, and feelings in the new year. Take the time now and deal with them.

Through journaling, it is easier to express and deal with them as you get to express yourself and get clarity through journaling.

3. Reflect on the year

Use your journaling time or even separate time to reflect on your year. Take out your notebook and reflect on everything that went down

  • What were the goals you had set last year? How many did you achieve
  •  How have you changed?
  •  What were the highlights of the year?
  •  What did you learn?
  •  Things that did not go the best
  •  How did you feel throughout the year?
  •  How was your health?

Reflect on each and every aspect of your past year

4. Finish all due and pend tasks of the year

I am sure there might be some dues and pending tasks you would have to do. You may be thinking not only a month or so is left.

So I will do everything when the new year begins, don’t do that

Finish all your pending things now and make room for new things to grow for the new year.

If you leave them as they are, I am sure you will procrastinate to do them even next year.

  • Pay all your bills
  •  Complete pending work
  •  Stock up goodies
  •  Reach your micro goals if you can

5. Set Goals and vision for the new year

When you are done reviewing and completing what you needed to do this year,

Start vision and planning your new year. What do you want to do?

Make a new year plan! Write your goals and bucket list!

This is one of the most crucial things to do before the new year because if you don’t set goals or vision of things you want to do

Nothing much will change when you start, to make room for growth and start imagining things you want to do

When, it is about setting goals for the new year, I usually keep 1-3 rough goals I want to focus on.

I feel we change a lot with time, I might wish to have something in my heart right now, but many 3 months later, I change.

However, there are many things I truly wish to do, and by making my goals, I can focus and achieve them with ease.

6. Make a Vision Board

My favorite activity, to do at the end of the year, is making a Vision Board. I have been doing it for over 7 years now.

More than manifestation, It is a way for me, to set my goals and intentions for the new year.

It keeps me motivated to do what I had put on my vision board. So when the year ends, I can look back and see what came true or not.

And the things that always come true are the ones I always take action on from the start.

If you are new to the concept of a vision board, I have written many how-to guides on them!

Check below

7. Declutter

Just like in journaling, we need to brain dump everything on our minds on paper to clear our heads and let new memories and positive thoughts enter.

We need to let the same happen in our physical space. Home can get messy and cluttered with lots of things

And when we don’t pay attention to the things we own, they keep piling up. I am sure we all can relate to this.

Take a day to declutter and get rid of things you do not use, make your space minimal and clean

8. Set intention for the new year

Very Important!

Before you begin your new year. Take a moment to think about your intention for the new year.

It’s an important mindful activity everyone should do. Whatever intention we set for the year, Our year goes exactly like this.

Because you take each step keeping your intention in your mind.

For example: Last year for me was extremely challenging- mental health-wise. After going through a low year.

I had set the intention for the new year to experience more happiness in my life, more positive moments, and go out more to do what makes me feel good.

And that’s exactly how my current year went. It did not happen magically, but because of the choices, I made keeping my intentions in mind.

I remember coming across so many situations that could lead me to suffer again, but I reminded myself that I wanted to be positive and happy.

And I took each action, keeping that in mind.

9. Make a list of all things to do in the new year

On a lighter yet productive note, make lists of things you want to do in the new year

Travel destinations? New hobbies? New challenges? projects?

Make lists of everything! Making these lists, are actually helpful as you can easily tick each off and know what you need to focus on.

If you are looking for some ideas – here are some list ideas

10. Spend a reset/ self-care day

End the year by sprinkling some kindness and love towards yourself! Spend a day or every day doing a few self-care activities!

Prioritize self-care right now so you are used to it even when the new year begins!

Take care of yourself, take rest, and do soothing self-care activities

Check out my

11. Review your finances and budget for the new year

Finance is a huge aspect of everyone’s life. And so it should also be given more effort and the right attention.

Reviewing your finances for the year can give you a clear idea of where you spent your money right and where you did not.

This can help you take a better

12. Take a break from Social Media

Before the new year begins, step away from social media. Disconnect from the online world and connect to the real one.

Instead of looking at what others are up to as the year ends, focus on what you can do and enjoy each moment of your current year

13. Travel if possible

I know not everyone can travel for personal reasons, however, you can go out for a 1-3 day trip if possible.

Travel always helps you feel refreshed and relaxed. It will help you start the new year without exhaustion and full of energy, as you get to relax during travel!

14. Create new habits and routine

Set new routines and habits for the new year! What new habits do you want to implement? What will be your new morning routine!

It’s okay if you love your current routine, but adding tiny changes, to the routine can make it more exciting and beneficial.

Here are some ideas for you to make a healthy and balanced routine and form new habits



15. Make a plan to prioritize your wellbeing

One of the most important aspects to focus on each year for me is our well-being. Nothing is more important than our health.

Mental health, emotional health, and physical health. Overall well-being needs to be your main focus each year.

So, if this year, you did not prioritize your health as you should have, Make a plan to prioritize it.

Whatever you need to do to stay healthy and improve your well-being, do it!

16. Forgive and Move on

So many things happen to us in a year, some good and some bitter. It is easy for us to forget about good ones and focus on what went wrong.

We may hold grudges or keep those memories in our hearts and taste bitter. But that will not help us move on in life.

We have to forgive and move on.

Make sure, you start your new year by letting go of those bitter times!

17. Get ready for new Challenges

Lastly, the most important things to do before the new year is to get yourself ready for new challenges.

If you want to grow, be prepared to take risks and experience discomfort before you experience the blessing.

Taking risks and going out of your comfort zone, will feel uncomfortable and discouraging, but that is exactly, what we need to go past to grow.

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things to do before the new year

This Post was all about things to do before the new year

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