15 Awesome things to do in October to truly welcome fall

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Welcome and embrace the fall season in your life by doing these 15 Awesome things to do in October.

things to do in October

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The start of October is truly an amazing month, the air hits differently, your sweaters suddenly start coming out, and the fall leaves everywhere.

You can sense the season changing! That’s truly how my October started!

In honor of starting this fresh season, I thought that we should help ourselves, in embracing the fall season by doing a few activities in October.

These are small ways, you can appreciate the moment and start of the new season in your life and soak in each moment before the month passes, by so fast!

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15 Awesome things to do in October to truly welcome fall

1. Check Out Fall Foliage

things to do in October

The highlight of this season is truly the leaves or foliage everywhere, you are lucky if, in your city or town, you get to see the fall foliage,

because, like me, many have to travel to other cities and countries to see this beauty!

Hop around your town, and park, and check out the beautiful nature, trust me, it’s going to be super calming to spend time there and observe nature!

2. Watch Scary Movies

I love watching horror movies, and as Halloween is about to come, watching horror movies alone or with friends can set the vibe now!

Once, you get off from work, get cozy and enjoy a good movie in the name of cozy season!

3. Go on Picnics

The weather in October is the best I feel, in most places at least, there is cold air around, yet warm as the winter season is just starting.

You can enjoy plenty of time in nature, sitting in the park without heat and before the gloom sets.

Make the most out of this time by having a picnic day alone, with friends or family!

things to do in October

4. Go for a Bike Ride

Nature or weather, in this month, can be most enjoyed, not on a car or bus, but by cycling around the town! You feel more closer and open to nature.

Slowly, roaming around the city and observing the streets filled with the coziness of fall!

Hop on your bike and go for a ride!

5. Go pumpkin picking

Apart from the leaves, pumpkin is another gem that can be enjoyed in this season, I know, as the months pass.

The excitement of pumpkin and fall leaves also goes away, that’s okay!

Go, get your pumpkins for Halloween and add them to your recipes

6. Add Pumpkins to meals

As I mentioned above, these seasonal fruits can be enjoyed in so many recipes this season, and it truly makes you feel like fall is here!

Whether it’s making your pumpkin spice latte or baking them, Add them to most of your meals!

7. Journal your thoughts and express gratitude.

The whole point of doing these little things in October is to feel good and appreciate the little things in life!

Hence, journaling is the best way to take a few moments to write down your thoughts, and let out all your emotions to the universe!

Express gratitude for things you truly feel grateful for!

8. Pumpkin Carving

It’s a fall tradition, and also, I feel, a fun activity to carve your pumpkin with everyone, a wholesome way to enjoy fall!

9. Have A self-care fun day.

Honestly, this post is just an excuse for me to make you do self-care! Self-care is a must in every individual’s life!

It needs to be included every day, every month, and in every festive or nonfestive season!

Our life can get hectic even with festivals approaching!

Plan a self-care day in October and do anything that feels, resting and refreshing for you! Choose your self-care activities!

For inspiration: Here are 50 cozy fall self-care ideas

10. Do a soothing activity

Whether, it is painting, dancing, attending a pottery workshop, or reading. Do any soothing activity or hobby of your choice this month!

Gather some time for yourself and do any soothing activity to enjoy alone me-time!

11. Read books in your cozy corner.

I don’t know what, but there is something really beautiful about reading fiction in this season, it feels like a guilt-free activity

Getting cozy and spending hours reading good fiction is just relaxing! If you have never tried it, then, I highly encourage you to do it and check for yourself!

12. Go to the local farmer’s market and get seasonal foods.

As the new season begins, many great seasonal foods start coming in local markets!

Going to a local farmer’s market nearby is much better because you get these seasonal foods at a great price, and they all are super fresh!

Enjoy the taste and the nutrients you get from these foods as much as possible!

13. Bake, Bake, and Bake!

My October started with lots of baking! I have been enjoying making pancakes, and muffins a lot this month, so I had to add this to my things to do in October!

14. Head out to enjoy the weather

As the year ends, we will prefer to stay indoors more and dread going out, right now the weather is a lot better for stepping out of the house and enjoying your time outside!

15. Make marshmallow and Latte’s!

Lastly, Make guilt-free lots of lattes of different kinds and enjoy them with marshmallows.

Every year, this is the only time when I consume marshmallows the most and without guilt!

Final thoughts

So these are a few things you can do in October, to truly enjoy, and welcome fall, if you haven’t already!

Of course, you are free to enjoy this month however you want, but remember to take time off to have fun as well!

Happy fall! 🙂

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