The Ultimate happiness challenge -30 days to a happier you!

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If you have been going through an emotionally challenging week or month for a while, This happiness challenge- 30 days to happier you, is made for you!

The Ultimate happiness challenge -30 days to happier you!

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Throughout our life, our only aim has been to be happy and experience joy

We earn money, so we can feel happy, buy things, and focus on our passion. Everything that we do, is with only one goal to feel – happy

am I wrong?

We want to feel happy all the time!

But are we even meant to experience happiness all the time? Is that even possible?

The truth is, – It is not.

Our life is about having experiences, happiness is not a goal but one of the emotions out of many others like sadness, anger, peace, anxiety, fear, love, embarrassment, and so on.

All these emotions are part of life, and we are bound to experience them often in the form of waves.

So when sadness or fear comes over us, we feel disappointed because we are not happy.

Even though these emotions are temporary, it makes us think that it is the end of the world and there is no coming out of this.

Over the last year, I have accepted and learned to embrace the emotions I feel, I used to like everyone and aim for happiness all the time.

Letting go of this expectation to feel positive and happy all the time has helped me feel at peace, and help me come out of sad emotions whenever they happen.

The truth is, it is these negative emotions, like sadness, anxiety, and depression, that show the importance of happy days, and we must appreciate those moments when we get

Now I have told you that even though happiness is something we cannot control 24×7 but we can make an effort to improve our emotions with all the things we have

This 30-day happiness challenge is not going to give you all-day month happiness, it aims to help you create moments of feeling joy in your day.

So, whatever happens throughout the day, you can still do a few things to boost your mood!

Let’s begin

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The Ultimate happiness challenge – 30 days to a happier you!

Day 1: Write a gratitude list

The reason I want to begin Day 1 with gratitude is that we feel sad in life because we think we have less.

we do have anything, our mind, keeps saying all the things we don’t have and how we are so miserable

making no room for all the beautiful things we do but forget! This comes from a victim mindset

where we keep counting on things we don’t have in life which, eventually creates the feel of sadness and depression

So on day 1, let’s start by reversing our mindset and instead write down the good things we have in our life

Take an empty notebook and write down as many things that come to your mind! From small things like being able to breathe and all the goodness.

If you are looking for ideas, I have a post sharing 300+ things to be grateful for!

Day 2: Clean your space

Our space reflects our mind, when we have a messy space, it reflects that our mind is also messy and cluttered.

If you have ever cleaned your space before, you are probably aware of the feeling you get after getting a clean room/space.

Our environment 100% affects our emotions, so cleaning your space is important for feeling light and free emotions.

Take this day to make your space clean and clutter-free!

Observe how you feel when your space is all cleaned and looking organized!

Day 3: Get yourself a hobby

Hobby is the secret ingredient of our happiness, while most of us depend on our work, partner, and wealth to provide us with happiness.

It is a lie in our hobbies, something we do just for the pure joy of doing it for ourselves

for fun, it makes us feel good

This is the reason, we used to feel more happy as a kid, because we used to indulge so much in our hobbies, playing and having fun

Hence, On Day 3, I want you to make time for at least 1 hour of your day to indulge in a hobby of your choice

anything you love to do, it could be reading, dancing, playing tennis, playing board games, painting

go back to your childhood and remember what you used to do that made you happy

do it for an hour and observe how you feel in the end!

If you felt good, imagine doing that every day or maybe 2-3 times a week! How would that feel?

In case you are looking for hobby ideas to do, I have a post where I share 67 hobbies for adults to feel joy

Day 5: Get 30 minutes of sunlight

On day 5 of the happiness challenge 30 days to happier you, I have a simple activity for you!

Spending only 30 minutes in the sunshine soaking sun #serotonin!

Did you know? Sun plays an important part in our happiness.

A hormone called serotonin, known as the happiness hormone is produced when sunlight enters your eyes, it stimulates the parts of your retina that then cue your brain to produce serotonin.

When we get sunlight every day we also get this hormone realized which in turn helps us boost our mood.

That’s why we tend to feel depressed and sad in winter ad experience THE WINTER DEPRESSION because there is a lack of sun- (serotonin) in our life.

So if you live where you get sunlight every day, take the opportunity to soak in at least 30 minutes of sunlight.

Day 6: Exercise

Exercise has a key role in regulating our mood and increasing our mental strength.

Scientifically speaking, exercise also realizes a hormone in our body called endorphins which are known as – feel-good hormones,

When we workout or exercise regularly, we tend to feel good after our workout session, don’t we?

it is because of this hormone!

According to a study by the University of Michigan, more exercise leads to more happiness, but even small periods of exercise have positive benefits.

This is why we must involve moving our body every day in our routine

It can be any form that you prefer-

  • at home workout
  •  yoga
  •  pilates
  •  gym
  •  swimming
  •  any kind of sport
  •  Walking

Day 7: Go Out alone on a solo date

For day 7 of the happiness challenge, I want you to make time today for yourself and go out on a solo date.

The idea behind this is to enjoy your own company and feel happy by yourself.

Many of us are always surrounded by others when we go out, we are used to being with company when we go out to have or even shop

yes it is so much fun, and we should keep doing it

But we need to also make room for doing that thing even without others, I remember 3-4 years ago

I was so dependent on having someone with me, whether I had to shop or just go to a mall

If a friend was not available to go with me, I would feel so sad and not go out and wait until they get time

It put me confined in my comfort zone and feel sad about it.

Eventually, I realized and started to go out to shop and just eat by myself a few times

Being by yourself will help you feel comfortable in your company and increase self-love

the discomfort will slowly go away, and you will slowly start to feel good

So experiment today, go out on a date with yourself, and observe in the end, how you felt!

Day 8: Not use the screen all-day

It may feel a little tough to do, but that is also a sign that we must do it!

We have become so dependent on screens for everything, that we cannot function all day without looking at our screen

for many of us, we tend to procrastinate and avoid doing things because we like sitting on our bed and using our smartphones for watching movies, shows or simply scrolling

We end up comparing our life to those on our screen subconsciously and tend to feel bad about ourself

so as a challenge, today commit to not using your screen all day!

If you have work, try to limit it to that itself and make it a point to avoid using a screen and do things without it.

Here are 23 screen-free hobbies to enjoy offline

Day 9: Take a long bath

Today will be light and simple,

Happiness also forms with loving and caring for yourself, when you do little things to take care of yourself, it repents feelings of joy and gratitude.

So take a long self-care bath, that will make you feel good and relaxed!

Day 10: Be around nature

Feeling at peace is also a form of happiness,

Happiness is not always feeling immense joy, it also feels relaxed and just at peace in life.

Nature is one thing that helps us feel at peace.

If you were feeling low or your mind, feels cluttered, spending some time in nature will naturally ease your mind.

So today, take the challenge and spend a good amount of time in nature, go to a park, or drive somewhere you can be fully surrounded by nature

Observe again how you feel at the end, I assure you it will be so peaceful and relaxing!

Day 11: learn something new for fun

On Day 11 of the happiness challenge – 30 days to happier you, I want you to experiment with yourself!

Quite often we all struggle to learn something, we overthink if we should spend our time and money learning something.

Whether it will help us or not? what if I am not good at it

It makes us stay inside a box and never grow in life,

How about today, you try to learn something only for fun?

Leave behind the thoughts about whether it will be useful for you, is worth the money, or if you will be good at it or not

it does not matter because we are doing it today only and only for FUN!

Here are 50 things to learn when bored at home

Day 12: Write Positive affirmation

Do you know the one thing that comes between our happiness the most is our mind itself?

Our mind has so many thoughts most of which are filled with negative self-talk

we think negatively about our life and underestimate ourselves constantly!

Every time I have found myself feeling constant unhappiness or sadness

I have come to realize that it was indeed my negative self-talk adding 90% to my 10% problems

If one thing goes wrong, we think of 10 other things that might go wrong and equip ourselves with those problems

with time it is because of our habits and conditioning on how we speak about ourself

So what can we do about it?

One way that has helped me immensely in reprogramming my negative self-talk is practicing positive affirmations!

Although positive affirmations work overtime when practiced consistently,

Today I want you to experience and try practicing positive affirmations, for one thing, you find yourself feeling unhappy about the most

Take the topic out and write or speak healthy and positive affirmations surrounding that topic

Start with, I am, I can, I will, and so on

With each line you write, believe that you can, and it is possible!

Do it over and over for at least 15 minutes.

Day 13: Workout again

On day 13 of the happiness challenge 30 days to happier you, we are going to move our body again to feel good!

Get your body moving by doing any physical activity you prefer!

Day 14: Meet your friends

Meeting your friends always leaves you feeling so much happy, whether it is catching up after a long time or going out to eat something.

It is always refreshing to meet with your friend, and spend some quality time with them!

Call up your friend and plan to meet them.

Day 15: Go out of your house for fun

I did not realize until last year how much effect staying indoors all day can have on your mental health.

I spent most of the days at home last year, and even as a homebody, I struggle to go out.

But as I spent so much time at home last year, it affected my mental health drastically in a negative way.

This year I made a deliberate effort to go out more and saw a huge improvement in my mental health and feeling happy.

Getting fresh and socializing is something we all need, and it helps in improving our mood even if you are an introvert or a homebody

Go out today even if it is for a grocery run or a nearby park.

Spend time outside

Day 16: Cook your favorite meal

Okay, we all have a favorite meal

whether you like to cook or not, you surely have something you enjoy eating

it could be any cuisine, food, or dessert that you water your mouth

Now, Instead of ordering it, try to make this dish today by yourself

Even if you don’t like to cook or don’t know

Attempt and challenge yourself

I am sure after you have cooked your favorite meal, the happiness that will come when eating because you made it yourself is going to be so good!

It does not matter if tastes the same or not

Day 17: Meet someone new

Meeting someone new can be a wonderful and enriching experience, it can be fun! Sharing stories, interests, and laughter can create positive memories and experiences.

You can sign up for a class where you get to meet new people with the same interest as you and it helps you socialize and feel good

Day 18: Shop something for yourself

I always struggled with shopping for myself, wither I thought I would waste money if I shopped

and if I shop for something, I would feel guilty

Over the years I learn to embrace buying something for myself as a way to treat and express self-love

So, today I would like you to do the same, it does not have to be anything fancy or expensive

You can go to any local market or thrift store to buy something for yourself!

Day 19: Dress up

I work mostly from home, so I don’t dress up that fit but on rare days when I put extra effort into dressing up

I tend to feel good and confident,

Dressing up really makes a difference in your mood when you do it for fun!

So, pull out some cute pieces from your wardrobe and dress up

Day 20: Try something new

On Day 20 of the happiness challenge 30 days to happier you,

I want you to try something new which you have never done before

There might be something on your bucket list, you always thought of doing but never made happen

Today do it!

Challenge yourself by doing something out of your comfort zone and give it a try

It does not matter, how you do the job, the focus is on the fun of doing something different and new!

Day 21: Call a friend or loved one

relationships are so important in our life, they bring us warmth and love

Call that loved and have a fun chat over the phone! Your friend or family member, whoever it is

talk to them, catch up with them, and enjoy

Day 22: Spend me-time with yourself

Me-time is the quality time you spend with yourself! You do this just for yourself and nothing else!

Here are Some Benefits of Spending me-time

  • Reduces stress and Anxiety
  •   Stronger Relationship with yourself
  •   You are less dependent on others to feel happy
  •   Comfortable in your own company
  •   Your Mind and body are aligned
  •   You get recharged and relaxed

This is why on day 22 of the happiness challenge 30 days to happier you, I want you to spend some me-time with yourself!

Here are 23 ideas for you to enjoy me-time

Day 23: Do something Creative

Creativity helps us have fun in life and make it less boring!

Engaging in creative activities can have a significant impact on your mood and overall well-being.

Creativity offers a positive outlet for self-expression, helps you explore your emotions, and allows you to tap into a state of flow where you can feel more relaxed and focused.

Day 24: Eat healthy all-day

Food has been proven to affect our mood

The kind of food we eat all day is said to impact how we feel

for example, we all know coffee triggers, anxiety, and junk food makes you feel lazy and sleepy

So how about making an extra effort today and eating to boost our mood?

Here are 31 Superfoods That Will Boost Your Mood,

Day 25: Go for a walk

Going for a walk being surrounded by nature can bring a few moments of peace and also triggers the release of endorphins,

which are natural mood boosters, leading to increased feelings of happiness and well-being.

You can go on a walk with a friend, or listen to music or a podcast while you walk and enjoy your time alone.

It is so peaceful and soothing!

Day 26: Watch an uplifting movie

Consuming the right content can have a profound effect on our mood, hence happiness.

An uplifting movie can help you feel better, gain a new perspective or even give you some time to enjoy being with yourself!

Here are some uplifting movies you might enjoy-

  • The Pursuit of Happiness (1994)
  •  The Devil Wears Prada
  •  Legally Blonde
  •  Zootopia

Day 27: Do something out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to personal growth, and new experiences, and ultimately contribute to greater happiness and fulfillment.

This is why, I have added these multiple times in this challenge!

Achieving something that once seemed daunting can give you a great sense of accomplishment and pride, which can boost your happiness.

So do think of something you always felt hesitant to do and do it today.

Day 28: Go out on a brunch or dinner

Go out on a brunch or dinner alone or with someone as you feel, try a new restaurant or cafe.

Trying out a new cafe allows you to experience something different and exciting. It can be refreshing to break away from your routine and explore new places.

Each cafe or restaurant has its ambiance, decor, and vibe. Exploring new cafes can lead you to discover unique and cozy settings, in which you may love spending time.

On the other hand, cafes can also be peaceful places for solitude. It’s an opportunity to enjoy quiet time, read a book, or self-reflect.

Day 29: Hug your loved ones

Hugs are very important, and they can have a positive impact on our physical and emotional well-being.

Physical touch, like hugging, can lead to the release of endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. This can lead to increased feelings of happiness and well-being.

So go to your loved one and give them a hug, your family, partner, friend, or even your cute pets.

Day 30: Journal your feelings

On the last day of the happiness challenge 30 days to happier you

I want you to end this challenge by journaling your feeling

How do you today? How do you feel as you completed these 30 days?

Do you see a difference from day 1 t now? do you feel better?

Journal out everything


So this was the ultimate happiness challenge 30 days to happier you!

I hope you enjoyed it and if you plan to do it! Make sure to do it diligently!

Also, remember, that this challenge is aimed to help you boost your mood and find something every day to do for your happiness

something you can look forward to doing for yourself!


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